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We’re Giving Away $50K in Memberships — Here’s Why

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We created the program to increase representation of marginalized groups in the workplace, so that all constituents of our global society may realize a better future. We’ve launched the program with our Women in Tech and Women of Colour in Tech scholarships because we believe achieving gender parity and increasing diversity in the tech sector is how we can maximize our impact.

We didn’t launch these two scholarships alone. and are our partners. BWOSS specializes in helping Black, Indigenous, and Women of Colour, grow and succeed in sales. Garage Capital is one of the…

Uvaro provides every recruit who enrolls with a world-class sales education to help them succeed in the career of their dreams. Our with the skills, knowledge, and career support they need to get there. But a job board also helps them pursue their dreams and ambitions independently, while providing opportunities for career growth for sales talent that is already thriving outside of our network.

Basically, it works like this: Uvaro programmatically searches the web for open job roles, then filters the results down to only the most promising opportunities in B2B tech sales. …

A story written by Uvaro grad, and Partnership Associate at Affable.ai, Kate Walmsley

Online Fireside Grad Chat

I am a woman hear me roar! She shouted to herself in her head as she removed the starc white door from its hinge. HA! she said aloud, sipping some red wine with a grin. It was a Monday in June and although the air lay heavy over Toronto, the air felt light in her apt at 229 Carlton.

You see she(me), never planned for this mment. This moment came from lack of self love and heartbreak. A heartbreak that I believe was a catalyst of bad choices led by my inability to love myself. It is interesting what we…

Last month that we were going to give the away for free. Since then, many people have asked us why.

When we founded Kiite, we never could have anticipated that our vision of enabling every employee to be an expert would have brought us to where we are now — giving away the very software we’ve spent years sweating and grinding over, entirely for free.

Solving the tech sales performance dilemma

After decades of selling technology to businesses, we came to appreciate that tech businesses frequently faced the same challenge. On one hand, these companies were racing to hit their revenue…

Have an interesting journey or unique background that others would empathize with? Maybe some first-hand experience in our program that you’d like to share? Or even some tips or suggestions for future students?

We want to hear from you.

Here are some story structures that we love to include in our publication!

Personal Journeys

We love sharing the journeys that brought people to our programs and into our community. We see so many people from different backgrounds, it’s amazing when we can show how folks are connected.

In-Class Experiences

New students always ask what our classes are like. Our reviews do a great of…

A story of career transitions and great advice by Greg Boyd, Vice President Customer Excellence at Uvaro

I joined one of Uvaro’s newest classes last week, and rather than delivering content for the first hour, I participated in a VERY lively, hour-plus long group discussion. I came away with a profound shared commitment for the type of sales professionals we want to build and become. The conversation led me to do some reflecting on my own career journey, and some ‘simple’ words of wisdom from a mentor and friend that changed my life.

Years ago, I was close to resigning…

Originally published by Griffin Jaeger at on November 24, 2020. Republished with permission.

The sales industry isn’t what you think it is.

Sales is not simply pushing a product, it’s solving problems and adding value. It is an extremely exciting profession that involves creativity, resourcefulness, and empathy.

It requires the ability to develop relationships and communicate with others to determine if your solution can solve the problem of a potential partner. Ultimately, adding value to their business or lifestyle.

If students can learn what sales professionals do and the types of opportunities and meaningful relationships it provides, they can…


We launch tech sales careers! We offer: 12 week training course, paid internship, career coaching & a supportive community.

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